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Professional Audio Installation Co.

Engineered Sound, Video and Lighting Solutions

Excellent, high quality sound and video


We use current state of the art design tools. These allow us to design and install a complete, high quality church sound  and video systems.


The sound systems sound good, are understandable and provide even coverage of all seating areas.


The video projection systems have great images and look good under all lighting conditions.


When possible, we can incorporate the speaker design into the building structure for an unobtrusive, built in look.


Customized, professional look


Our custom woodworking shop allows us to blend all sound equipment and enclosures with the decor of the sanctuary. This gives our church sound  and video customers a customized, built in look that makes the electronic equipment seem right at home in the sanctuary.


Speakers and equipment mounting consoles always fit with the sanctuary design, and locking covers provide security for all equipment.


One stop shop


We also provide production lighting and control and acoustic treatment. Our one company can take care of your sound, video and lighting needs.

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