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Caterpillar Dyersburg Transmission Facility (DTF), Dyersburg, TN,

We also installed sound systems, video projection and control in a meeting room, two monitors in a custom housing and a monitor in the manufacturing area.

Photos of Various School Installations

We have done work at football stadiums, gymnasiums, auditoriums and other school buildings.

Martin Recreation Complex, Martin, TN

At the Martin Recreational Complex we installed sound for nine ball fields. The Fourplex has four ball fields surrounding the pressbox building, and the Fiveplex has five ball fields surrounding the pressbox building. At each “Plex” the fields can be used individually, all together or in any combination of 1-4 or 1-5.

WCMT Radio Station, Martin, TN

At WCMT radio in Martin, TN we provided equipment mounting furniture in the control rooms.

UT Federal Credit Union, Martin, TN

At UT Federal Credit Union we installed a 42” LCD monitor. Audio and video are supplied by a computer.

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