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We also provide simple yet powerful multimedia lecterns and control for classrooms, conference rooms and any facility that needs control and routing of multiple video sources.



Professional Audio Multimedia Lectern Control Specs


The AVC1 (Audio/Visual Control) Lectern is a multifunction audio visual control center designed to meet the A/V needs of any conference room, classroom or presenter. It’s easy to use, yet it provides powerful control over all room A/V equipment. The AVC1 lets the presenter focus on the presentation, without having to be concerned about being trained in the operation of another piece of complicated technology. If you can operate a PC you can operate this lectern.


The standard 36” W x 24” D x 48” H dimensions provide ample work space for the user and all necessary equipment without taking up much space in the classroom.


The AVC1 lectern comes as a completed system, pre wired and pre-configured, complete with a 50’ cable set, and is ready to install in the classroom. This allows the IT staff to concentrate on the big picture of each room installation without getting bogged down in the small details of lectern and control setup.




  • The AVC1 comes fully equipped with the latest state of the art A/V equipment
  • AVerMedia
  • Extron
  • MAP


  • One button switching of source audio and video along with projector power up and power down


  • Network interface provides pre-programmed email alerts, additional monitoring and control
  • Ample top work surface space
  • Pullout locking keyboard and  locking document camera drawers give easy access with space saving solutions
  • Locking pocket front doors with smoked Plexiglas inserts
  • 19” equipment rack holds the master power switch with surge suppression
  • A/V switcher
  • DVD play deck
  • Stereo audio power amp
  • Locking back door opens for equipment access
  • Ventilation fan

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